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Kidnap The Pope (2015)

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MALTA (2012)


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Singapore (2010)

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The Resistance (2008)

The Resistance (2008)

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Adolf Hitler is maddened when his ally, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, is ousted from power.

Believing that nothing in Italy happens without the consent of the Catholic Church and the pope himself, the German Fuhrer decides to avenge Mussolini. He orders a high-ranking SS General to develop a plan to invade the Vatican and kidnap the pope.

SS General Karl Wolff is placed in a dilemma...follow his personal feelings on the disturbing order or directly disobey a direct order from Hitler.

Kidnap the Pope follows the non-stop action of WWII and the countries involved. Can the Vatican be saved and can Pope Pius XII continue his diplomatic efforts on behalf of his church and its followers?



The White Mouse was the name given by the Gestapo to Nancy Wake Fiocca, an Australian woman setting up escape networks in France during WWII. After fleeing to England, The White Mouse joins the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and returns to occupied France around the time of the Normandy invasion.

Through sheer determination and with the help of other SOE operatives, she manages to bring together a number of Maquis units in the Auvergne to harass and delay German reinforcements attempting to reach German coastal defenses.



The Island of Malta and its strategic location in the Mediterranean has made it a prime target for the Axis powers. In early 1942, the German Luftwaffe decides to concentrate on Malta and begins a horrendous bombing attack. A handful of heroic British RAF pilots brave the odds and begin ferrying the new Spitfire Mk VI's to help defend the island. Once there, their troubles begin in earnest.

Malta mirrors the lives of a number of these honored British aviators they battle heat, dirt, the "Malta Dog" and deplorable conditions to help save the vital island.



Spitfire is the third installment of Jack DuArte's WWII Series. Set in Great Britain in 1940, immediately before the epic Battle of Britain. Fighting a superior number of Luftwaffe bombers and fighters. the valiant Royal Air Force wages a desperate air battle to save their country from certain defeat. Flight Lieutenant Anthony Nelson and his younger brother, Fletcher, are pilots of the 54th Squadron Spitfires, the great British fighter plane that is Britan's only hope for survival.

Through the suspenseful series of events, both find they are in love with the same woman. A hair-raising set of circumstances brings Spitfire to a spellbinding conclusion that will keep you glued to the final pages.



In 1940, England's great island fortress of Singapore sits placidly behind its great array of guns, seemingly unaware of Japan's intent to conquer that part of Southeast Asia.

British Naval Lieutenant William Elliot is assigned to the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and soon becomes a key element in alerting superiors to Japanese intentions.

When the invasion begins, Elliot is thrust into a series of events that makes him choose between his duty to his country and the captivating Singaporean doctor he loves. Singapore's final chapters are a life and death struggle for survival and freedom for the island's inhabitants.



Early World War II, and the newly appointed head of the French Resistance, Jean Moulin, formulates a plan that will safeguard some of France's greatest art treasures that are being sought by Nazi Reichmarschall Hermann Goring.

The action moves into a rapid fire sequence from London to France as England's Special Operations Executive (SOE) aids the French Resistance in its prodigious mission.

The story takes an unexpected twist when an agent of the Vichy government's hated Milice secret police inadvertantly stumbles upon the treasures. The story reaches its incredible conclusion in the Holy City of Lourdes amid gunfire and heroic acts on the part of the Resistance members and their allies.